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Production Facilities

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Paper Machine (PM6)

Item Specification Notes
Width(H/B) 3,650 mm
Headbox Air cushion(inside Rectifier roll)
Ply 6 layer (Short wire type)
Press part Shoe press + Smoothening press(#2, #3 M/P) ‘11.09 remodeling
Speed 550mpm
Length of PM 230m (wet ~ Reel)
Size press Pond type
Coater Pre : Rod / Top : Combi, Back 11.09 remodeling
Calender Coater before/after(Hard and soft nip)
Production 780 Ton/day (Max. capacity)

Paper Machine (PM5) : Standard : ST240

Item Specification Notes
Main Production Duplex Board ( ST240~500 )
Design Speed Max. 330m/min
Operation Speed Max. 330m/min
Finishing Trim Widtd 3,150mm
Daily Product Max 350Ton/Day(기준:ST240)
Coater Type Top - Double Coater(Rod/Rod)
Back - Single Coater(Rod)
Coverage Goods Duplex Board Witd Gray Back(ST)
Duplex Board Witd White Back(Ivory)
Royal Ivory

Completion Facilities

Item Specification Fusibility
M/C rewinder 3,400mm Roll product production
Sheet Cutter 400m/mm Sheet cut
Ream Wrapper 232M Sheet wrapping
Stretch Film Wrapper Max,613T/D Film wrapping